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Q.  Are reservations needed?  A.  Yes, All hunts are done by appointment only.  Call ahead to make reservations.

Q.  Do I need a hunting license?  A.  Yes, by law all hunters are required to have a valid hunting license.

Q. What months is the hunting preserve open?  A. Hunts are offered from September through March.

Q.  Any ammunition restrictions?  A.  Yes, we do require shot size to be no larger than #6 and no larger than 2 3/4" shells.

Q.  How many hunters can be accomidated?  A.  There are several hunting areas that large groups can split up and hunt.  On guided groups, we ask that there be a maximum of 3 hunters per guide.

Q.  Is hunter orange required?  A.  Yes.

Q  What is a European stlye hunt?  A.  It is a fast paced, pass shooting pheasant hunt that consists of 100-200 pheasants per 10 hunters.

Q.  Are gift cards available?  A.  Yes.

Q.  Are credit cards accepted?  A.  Yes, visa/mc.

Q.  Is there a physical address that can be used for my gps?  A.  No,  for some reason the physical address that was given to the preserve location does not work with most gps navigation systems or map quest.  Please use the map and driving directions from this web site.



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